Supporting Surf Life Saving

Our beaches and coastlines are an integral part of our culture and communities but our beaches possess inherent risks and dangers. Surf Life Saving members and staff help to save lives and keep everyone safe.

We want to give back and say 'thank you' by providing discounts for Surf Lifesavers that will help with the daily cost of living, luxury products and unique experiences.

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Why join Blue Light Card?

Save on top Australian brands, products and experiences.

Blue light card membership costs

Get access for 2 years with a one-off payment of $9.95

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Helped save our UK members over £100m last year

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How Blue Light Card works

Sign up Register an account online to join Blue Light Card.
Eligibility check To prove eligibility, you'll need to upload a form of ID that evidences your involvement with Surf Life Saving.
Membership card A two year membership costs just $9.95. You will receive a membership card and access to the Blue Light Card app to access discounts.
Start saving Shop and save with best-in-market offers and discounts on top brands, products, services and experiences.

Types of ID

We accept these forms of ID which must show your full name and affiliation to Surf Lifesaving:

  • Screenshot of member area account
  • SLSA Award Transcript
  • Payslip (for lifeguards and staff)
  • Patrol Roster (with club and name included)

Your privacy is important to us. So you can cover up information on your payslip you'd prefer not to share with us. We also delete all documents you upload as soon as they've been reviewed.

So many ways to save

With discounts and offers from national retailers and local businesses across the country.

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Food & beverages
Discounts on Food & beverages
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Discounts on Home & garden
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Discounts on Health & wellness
Discounts on Petrol
Travel & technology
Discounts on Travel & technology
Discounts on Technology
Fashion & accessories
Discounts on Fashion & accessories

Need help?

If you have any questions, please get in touch. You can email us at [email protected] and we'll come back to you as quickly as we can.