Discover how Jessica* and Amy*, both devoted first responders, Blue Light Card members and busy mothers of three, diverged in their spending habits and how this impacted their overall potential savings.



Jessica - Blue Light Card User:

Jessica is a busy nurse who buys Woolworths eGift Cards weekly with her Blue Light Card discount to save money on her groceries.

  • Occupation: Nurse
  • Weekly grocery spend: $500
  • Blue Light Card discount: 4%
  • Children: x3

Amy - Blue Light Card User:

Amy is a police officer and Blue Light Card member but doesn’t buy Woolworths eGift Cards.

  • Occupation: Police Officer
  • Weekly Grocery Spending: $500
  • Blue Light Card Discount: Not used
  • Children: x3

Compare the savings from Blue Light Card discount


Yearly Savings:


  • By the end of the year, Jessica’s monthly savings of $80 equates to $960.



  • Amy hasn’t used her Blue Light Card discounts, so she hasn’t saved anything.


Monthly Savings:


  • Within a single month, Jessica has managed to save $80 by using her Blue Light Card to access discounted Woolworths eGift Cards.



  • Amy doesn't use her Blue Light Card discount and doesn’t save any money.


Weekly Routine:


  • Every week, Jessica uses her exclusive Blue Light Card discount to buy a Woolworths eGift Card worth $500, promptly saving her $20.

  • By loading her Woolworths eGift Card into her Everyday Pay digital wallet through the user-friendly Everyday Rewards app, she ensures seamless, on-the-spot redemption during in-store visits.

  • Jessica also maximises her savings by capitalising on point booster offers featured in the Everyday Rewards app, so she can accumulate more points and save even more money.

  • Her weekly shop (above $30) also generates fuel vouchers, saving her 4c off per litre at select EG Ampol petrol stations.



  • Amy tends to shop at different grocery stores each time and doesn't actively use her Blue Light Card discounts.


In this case study, Jessica's savvy choice to consistently use her Blue Light Card to access Woolworths eGift Card discounts means big savings, in the short term and over the years.

Seize your opportunity to transform your routine shopping into huge savings with our Woolworths eGift Card discounts today!

*Jessica and Amy aren’t real, but their savings absolutely are. We’ve based our figures on some real life member spends and savings!


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