The cost of living crisis in Australia: how Blue Light Card and Woolworths Gift Cards are joining forces to help

The cost of living crisis in Australia: how Blue Light Card and Woolworths Gift Cards are joining forces to help

Most weeks Jade, a working mum of three hungry kids, sits down to write up a meal plan for her family. With young mouths to feed, Jade is familiar with hefty grocery bills. But over the past few months her bills have doubled, sometimes even tripled – while her salary has stayed the same.  

My fortnightly food bill used to be around $450. Now it’s closer to $800,” says Jade, an aged care support worker with CatholicCare. CatholicCare provides quality in-home support to older people living in Sydney with services including home visits, transport to appointments and assistance with household . 

Jade admits she’s noticed everything from food and fuel to birthday cards getting more and more expensive. 

“Whenever I see something on special, I buy it. I’ve switched some fresh vegetables for frozen or canned to save some money. I freeze any leftovers to take for lunches, so we don’t waste anything. It’s hard.” 

From kids’ sports at the weekend to driving five days a week to visit clients, Jade’s petrol costs have gone through the roof. “I used to be able to fill up the car for around $40. It’s been as much as $120 recently. But my car is essential for work and home life, I have no choice” 

Late-night trips to the supermarket to snap up weekly specials. Leaving the car at home when possible. Hanging washing on the line instead of using the dryer. Using smart discount services such as Blue Light Card on everyday items such as fuel and food. 


Making everyday savings easier   

These are all small but significant ways everyday Australians are saving money on essential goods, and Blue Light Card is excited to add another exciting way to save – a partnership with the Woolworths Gift Cards which has just launched.  

With the Woolworths eGift Card discount alone members could save up to $384.80 on their Woolworths groceries a year*!   

“I can’t think of a better way to help our frontline workers and emergency volunteers to save on their everyday essentials than with a Woolworths eGift Card”, says Tracey Duff, GM of Blue Light Card Australia.  

Blue Light Card members can expect savings on eGift Cards from these brands:  

- Woolworths – making it simple to save on groceries with eGift Cards that are quick and easy to buy and redeem.  

- EG Ampol – savings on fuel with over 500 stations across Australia  

- BIG W – discounts on almost everything from clothing and homewares, to electronics, toys, books and more.   

- Dan Murphy’s – discover a new drop or enjoy your usual favourites with the Lowest Price Guarantee.  

- BWS – buy online or at over 1,200 stores across Australia and choose from great specials on an extensive range of beer, wine and spirits.  

- Everyday WISH Gift Card – versatile eGift Card which can be used at Woolworths, BIG W, Dan Murphy’s and and participating EG Ampol fuel sites.  

Accessing the savings is easy. Just follow this step-by-step guide:

1) Log in to your Blue Light Card account or app  

2) Click Buy now’ where you’ll be taken to the Woolworths Partner page  

3) Select your preferred eGift Card and your Blue Light Card discount will be automatically applied  

4) Download and save your eGift Card for your next shop online or in-store.  


Why are costs rising?  

Although global events such as the war in Ukraine and a slump in the international economies seem far away, they can still impact us at home.   

“COVID, natural disasters and global issues have all impacted the cost of living in Australia. Many families are now struggling to afford the basics,” says Tracey Duff, General Manager at Blue Light Card.   

“Despite the tremendous value frontline workers and emergency volunteers add to the community, many of our members are on lower incomes. As wages haven’t grown as fast as the cost of everyday items, members are finding essentials even less affordable.”  

Financial stress is just one issue Aussies are living with, says Tracey. “The increase in the cost of food can make good-quality food less accessible, negatively impacting eating habits and overall physical and mental health.”   


The rising costs for Aussies   

- Groceries are now the most stressful expense for Aussies, second only to mortgage and rent.

- Cost of living is now the highest since 1987 with households paying 9.3% more on everyday items.   

- Food and energy bills saw the biggest increases by up to 10%, and fuel is increasing to near record highs.   

- Power bills could rise by more than 20% from July 2023.  

Compared to March 2021 we are now pay more for:  

- Bread 2.6% more  

- Vegetables 12.7% more  

- Beef and veal 12.1% more  


How to save on your grocery shop at Woolworths with Blue Light Card  

"To combat the everyday stresses that our members experience daily, we ensure that our discount service is diverse and accessible,” says Tracey. “We have offers from brands in all key categories to make sure our members not only get discounts on their daily essentials, but also on things that they want but might struggle to justify. This includes travel and holidays, clothing, and homewares, technology and exercise equipment.”  

Savings that give members access to affordable healthy food are a priority for Blue Light Card.   

“We help our members access healthy meals on the go and on a budget by partnering with meal prep companies too” says Tracey.  

“To make sure every single member can save on essentials, we've negotiated market-leading discounts on groceries, fuel and utilities. For example, our members can save hundreds of dollars a year just by using their Blue Light Card for their weekly grocery shopping.”    

By forming such crucial partnerships, Blue Light Card can make a tangible difference to members every day when they buy the essential items they and their families need.  

While the final bill at the checkout can be shocking, Jade says the cost of living isn’t keeping her up at night. “Prices have to come down eventually. I love my job and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing – so I’m happy.”  

Members have access to discounts 24/7 through or by downloading our Blue Light Card app.   


*Based on a weekly grocery spend of $185 over 52 weeks with a 4% discount using Woolworths eGift Cards online or in-store.